Episode 167

(Encore) Thrifting


December 27th, 2021

45 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

It's Holiday's this week and we're very busy with family. So, if you would indulge us with some episodes from the archive. Thanks for all your support! We look forward to an exciting new year! Enjoy! :)

Behold and Despair! The Thrifting Goddess has entered the Podcast!

While I’m sure we’d all love to have a “Supermarket Sweep” style run through your local book, game, or educational resource store, that’s not in the budget for most homeschool families including us. Today on the show we’ll talk about one of our favorite family pastimes and a way to get resources on the cheap, thrifting! We’ll dive into how to thrift the right way and save beaucoup bucks!

Identify thrifting opportunities
Be prepared
Confirm Before You Buy
Shop Early and Often

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