Episode 227

Second Anniversary of Homeschool Together


July 25th, 2022

59 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

In today's episode, we celebrate our second anniversary of podcasting! Arial and I chat about the last year of episodes. We have 'catch-ups' with some of our interviews. It was a fun and lose episode recapping the year that was.

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Show Notes
Unschooling Journeys with Porter Singer - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/187
Unschooling - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unschooling
Homeschooling Journeys with Kristin Dexnis Rosengrant - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/153
Deschooling - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deschooling
Unschooling Journeys with Lindsey Middlemiss - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/175
Homeschooling Journeys with Moselle Campbell - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/181
Homeschooling Journeys with Leah DeRose-Wilson - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/149
(Un)schooling Journeys with Ryan Billingsley of the Dad Suggests Blog - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/139
Zero to Homeschool (YouTube) - https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDKdLRM2hFFywVa75yGBUVEowTeTXXG5E
Zero to Homeschool (Podcast) - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/135
Doing All The Things! (Homeschool FOMO) - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/137
Homeschool Scheduling Series (Daily) - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/141
Homeschool Scheduling Series (Weekly) - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/145
Homeschool Scheduling Series (Yearly) - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/147
Kitchen Classroom - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/151
Quiet time - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/155
Our Review of our Public School Homeschool Parent Partnership - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/171
Lazy Homeschooling - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/177
Naysayers - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/185
Tackling Math with Maria Miller of Math Mammoth - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/197
Reading Aloud - https://homeschooltogether.fireside.fm/203

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