Episode 56

Homeschooling Purpose


December 28th, 2020

54 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

As we are about to embark on a new year full of the joys and challenges of homeschooling, we want to take a step back and discuss our purpose. When you’ve had a hard day, understanding your purpose (and being aligned with your spouse or partner) can help you to see through to a brighter day ahead. Today we discuss our homeschooling purpose and encourage you to reconnect with your own.

Purpose is the why of homeschooling. This is the list you’ll want to come back to when you hit a hard day. It’s good to be able to remind yourself why you embarked on this educational journey.

Arial's Items

  • Build close family connections (parents to children, siblings to one another)
  • Ensure our daughters have and never lose a love of learning
  • To let our children have a childhood. Not a stressful school/homework life that feels more like the work of adulthood
  • To give our children enough experiences and opportunities to discover what they want to do for a career (johnny example of a good kid, high grades, who still doesn’t know what he wants to do because he was so busy in high school)
  • To protect our children from bullying and adverse relationships (poor teachers they would be stuck with in school, kids they shouldn’t be friends with, etc.)
  • To re-experience learning with my children. So many things I didn’t get to learn that I want to have that opportunity with them
  • To give our children the best, most comprehensive education that we can. We can provide a more individualized, correctly paced education than any school, public or private

Matt's Items

  • Being together as a family. After years of working and grinding, I didn’t want to miss out on their youth.
  • Freedom to travel and vacation without the requirements of the school schedule
  • Critical thinking and deep focus
  • Creating lifelong learners
  • Getting away from the Test mentality, 3hr of homework a night, and the performance stress.

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What are we into this week
GASP! Woodworking and power tools with preschoolers!

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