Episode 9

Our Homeschool Preschool


August 26th, 2020

55 mins 18 secs

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This will be an overview of what we do on a daily basis, including referencing the curriculum we are using (will not go in-depth). We will also discuss how we plan our days each week and how we plan our weeks overall.

The curriculum we are using.
Overview of our day.
How we plan our days.
How we plan our weeks.

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Show Notes
Blossom and Root - https://blossomandroot.com/
Torchlight - https://torchlightcurriculum.com/torchlight/
Trello - https://trello.com/

What are we into this week
Goats (Blaaaaaaaaaah!)
Learn all about goats - https://youtu.be/QpGDm7KI6Xs
Milking goats - https://youtu.be/l-YrVD4c5gY

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